Formerly known as RAGE Capital
Formerly known as RAGE Capital

Where Technology and Impact Intersect

We back visionary founders who leverage disruptive technologies to change the way we eat, live, and grow with our planet.


Innovating for the Better

We recognize the immense challenges posed by the way we live on our planet. More than ever, we face an existential need to change the way we source our sustenance, materials, and energy for the better.

We believe that technology is key to bridging the gap between our increasing needs and declining resource supply. We envision a world where quality of life is not only globally accessible and plentiful, but where production is resilient and environmentally sustainable.

Our responsibility is to catalyze disruptive innovations in the ways we produce and consume to improve the health of our planet and its 8 billion people, without compromising on quality of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of game-changing technologies across the $9T global food system.

As humans, we embrace the moral obligation to graduate to a greener way of living. As investors, we identify the strongest structural tailwind behind these industries: the preservation of our planet. We back mission-driven founders who put the health of people and the planet at the forefront of their visions.

FoodTech by Numbers

$ 0 T
global food market
0 %
of all freshwater is used for agriculture
0 %
of habitable land is used for agriculture
0 %
increase in crop yield over the last 10 years
0 %
increase in food production required to sustain the projected population in 2055
0 B
people do not have access to enough safe and nutritious food
0 %
of all greenhouse gas emissions are from agriculture
0 %
of global food production goes to waste


Bloom8 backs change-makers across FoodTech subsectors including alternative proteins, precision fermentation, cellular agriculture, next-gen ingredients and materials, food supply chain, restaurant technologies, and other food-related segments.


Bloom8 merges deep sector expertise, scientific knowledge, and an unmatched network to drive industry-leading financial and environmental returns.

Bloom8’s exceptional access to dealflow, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders allows us to identify and scale category-defining companies. We provide access to significant capital and resources to entrench the company’s advantage, and serve as the partner of choice assisting in strategic development and commercialization into new markets.

The Bloom8 team comprises active investors as well as scientific thought leaders in the FoodTech ecosystem, combining investment experience with technical expertise.

Samy Boccara

Partner, Head of Business Development

Samuel co-founded Bloom8. Samuel has been interested in food since his childhood. Previously, Samuel led sustainability efforts at BA&SH.

Brandon Chong

Managing Partner

Brandon is Managing Partner at Bloom8. Brandon's FoodTech experience spans private and public sectors, as global CFO of the Joël Robuchon group and policymaker in Singapore's S$4.5B Industry Transformation Program.

Alexandre Ruimy

Managing Partner

Alexandre co-founded Bloom8 in 2018, motivated by the food security issues which he saw first-hand in his native Morocco and the opportunity for emerging food technologies as a solution.

Gabriel Ruimy

Managing Partner

Gabriel co-founded Bloom8 in 2018, enthralled by seeing technologies only existing in science fiction come to reality, particularly ones that addressed our relationship with our planet.



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